Alaska (3/6)


These pictures were taken during our trip to Alaska by cruise ship from Seattle in July 2013.





From left to right, this is me, Geoffrey, Alan, and Seattle shortly before we cast off
(mouseover for the sailaway party on deck).











This was the lumberjack party: the blue guy dressed as an ox with horns is part of Alaskan folklore, apparently.








I took a tour of the Oosterdam's spotless kitchen as we sailed. Almost all of the 1000-strong crew were Indonesian. This chef appears to be fashioning a monitor lizard and octopus from pastry..









After a whole day's sailing, we enter Tracy Arm, our first Alaskan fjord. It's coooold (mouseover to see the glacier at the end of the fjord).











The next day we docked at Juneau, Alaska's state capital. Here I am barely 10 miles away in a field ablaze with fireweed with the Mendenhall Glacier in the background (mouseover for a close-up of the fireweed).











We went out by small boat to see the wildlife. Here are some harbour seals resting on a buoy.










Later we saw half a dozen humpback whales, hunting together. Here is one blowing.







We walked through rainforest to get a closer view of the Mendenhall Glacier. Awesome! Mouseover to see me holding some of the washed up glacier ice.



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