A Long Weekend in Cornwall (3/8)


These pictures were taken during a long weekend break in Devon and Cornwall during March 2003. Little was planned and we stopped at a different B&B each night.





We walked back to Williton station where Mark struck up a conversation with the man selling tickets who sold him a book about Danish Railways in 1959.








Fortunately before Mark could buy anything else the train arrived for the return journey.








As we travelled further into Cornwall we decided to visit the site at Poldhu where Marconi made his first transatlantic radio transmission . We parked close to the harbour at Mullion Cove, where this picture was taken, and walked along the coastal path.







It was quite a climb up from there and the walk was longer than we thought but it was a pleasantly warm day and the views were excellent.







A view of the beach at Pollurian Cove approximately midway between Mullion Cove and Poldhu, taken from the coastal path. The dark zig-zag pattern on the beach was intriguing.



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