A Weekend In Dublin (2/7)


These pictures were taken during a long weekend break in Dublin during July 2002.





Not all parts of the city were so attractive. This view from our guest house window in North Dublin shows a different side, and for one house no side at all !








This unusual looking Viking Splash Tours vehicle took to the water part way through our trip. It's called a DUKW or "Duck". They were built by General Motors in the United States as amphibian landing crafts during World War II.








Just before the Duck entered the Royal Canal everyone put on a life jacket. Here I am wearing mine.







Later on we went to the famous Dublin Guinness brewery. Visitors aren't allowed to enter the main site but there is a very interesting museum located in the old Hop Store.








Mark liked this view of an old windmill so, just for fun, I took a picture of him wearing it as a hat.




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