A Week In France (1/8)


These pictures were taken when Mark and I drove around northern France during September 2008.





Waiting for the Saturday afternoon car ferry from Dover to Dunkerque. In the distance you can just make out Dover castle up on the hill and the white cliffs (no blue birds, though).









The ferry docking at Dunkerque. The machinery for getting the vehicles on and off has a certain fascination for the engineer in me.








We then drove to Saint Omer, a convenient place to stop for an evening meal. While waiting for the restaurant to open we wandered around the town. These adverts for Orangina in cafe windows have a certain French style about them which you wouldn't expect to see in England.











While enjoying our meal in the restaurant we were surprised when members of the order of the Saint Omer Summer Cauliflower society came in and announced their praise for these vegetables. They then accepted a new member into their order.








Afterwards we became lost in the small back roads and finally found our way to Boubers-sur-Canche to stay the night with friends there. The following morning we discovered the village has this very attractive church, dating from the 17th century.



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