Hadrian's Wall (2/8)


In August 2009 we walked the full length of the Hadrian's Wall footpath from Wallsend in Newcastle on the east coast of England to Bowness-on-Solway on the west coast, a distance of 84 miles.






This is us on either side of the first significant section of the wall at Heddon-on-the Wall. Move the mouse cursor over the picture to see a closer view.










There were plenty of sign posts marking the way, this one indicates two and a quarter miles to Rudchester fort. The wheat in the background was almost ready for harvest a good month after wheat in fields near our home in Essex.









At the start of our walk at Segedunum we were given passports to stamp at several locations on the way. Here we've stopped to stamp them at Robin Hood Inn at Wallhouses where we ate later that evening.








The next morning after a hearty breakfast at Wall Houses Farm B&B, we set off on our way to the village of Wall. There was little doubt with this sign that we were heading in the right direction!










On our third day of walking we really got the sense of being in the open uplands, away from the smoke.







Brunton Turret rises to a maximum of eleven courses of stone, making it one of the best preserved turrets on the entire wall. Place the mouse cursor on the picture to see just how that is relative to us. From here it was less than a couple of miles to our B&B at Humshaugh.








On the way from the turret to Humshaugh, we passed over the North Tyne at Chollerford where we enjoyed this splendid view of the river.




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