Mammal Watching in Speyside (3/9)


Here are some of my photographs taken on a mammal and bird watching holiday in Scotland near Aviemore with Speyside Wildlife during August 2006.





Still at Spey Bay, this is a statue of an osprey catching a salmon. An hour earlier we were lucky enough to see a real osprey here.









We soon discovered why the price of fuel at the petrol stations in Scotland was so high.









This Red Admiral butterfly was one of many that were a treat to see close up on buddleia.







One of our guides was involved in a moth survey and used a light to attract them overnight into a box containing egg cartons which he opened just after dawn. He recorded each one before releasing them and those of us up early enough could watch him doing this.






Everyone was surprised at the wide variety of moths found in the box. These two give an idea of just how different they can be.



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