A Week In New York (3/8)


These pictures were taken during a week staying in Maryland and New York in November 2003.





The return journey back from Maryland to New York. Amtrak trains are surprisingly smooth and comfortable.










Mark returning from the restaurant car.








Back in New York we took the subway to South Ferry where we boarded the Ferry to Staten Island. The station platform was interesting because the yellow strip extends out towards the train closing the gap when passengers are getting on and off.







Here I am on the ferry with the Staten Island ferry terminal behind me. It was getting dark so we could see Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty lit up.










Next day we went for a walk in New York's Central Park, modelled on an earlier version in Birkenhead. We suspect the masonry surrounding the Lake is more ornamental than the one in the Wirral.








Mark found this spooky looking tree covered with clusters of small bracket fungi.




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