Installing a Speedtouch 330 Modem


My mother upgraded to Broadband with Wanadoo (now called Orange) and it took three weeks to get the modem going. I therefore decided to share my solution with others.




This is a picture of the speedtouch 330 modem. The one we were supplied was not faulty - the problem for us was entirely due to the software.


The software, version 3.0.1, is installed from a CD supplied with the modem. Installation starts with the modem disconnected. Everything went fine for us up to the point when you are told to connect the modem. The computer runs Windows XP.



When the modem was connected the computer attempted to install two drivers, the first for the modem and the second for something called Speedtouch Networking Support. The first driver installed but the second was reported as not found. Attempts to locate the required driver anywhere on the supplied CD failed.

Two green lights appeared on the modem which implied it was working, but attempts to use the connection icon on the desktop resulted in an application error message.

Using software from the Speedtouch web site (also version 3.0.1) failed in the same way.

Wanadoo (now Orange) offered two possible solutions. They sent us another CD but since it was identical to the first this had the same problem. The second solution they offered was to use an earlier verion of the modem software version 2.0.1.

When attempting the install with this earlier version of the software the first driver would not even install.

It took over three weeks looking for clues on the Internet (there were several references to the problem, but nobody described how to solve it) and some guess work to come up with the solution. This was to start the installation from the supplied CD, plug the modem in, allow it to install the first driver and then, when it complained it could not find the second driver ("speed touch network support. Driver not found" or similar) direct it to the folder where the version 2.0.1 was unzipped. It then found the second driver for networking support and the installation finished as intended.

Clearly not everyone who installs the Speedtouch 330 modem has this problem. I suspect it may relate to specific installations of Windows XP, in this case the PC had been upgraded from Windows 98 which may be a factor.

Since solving the problem I found a reference on the internet that indicates only one file is missing called alcandis.inf so it is sufficient to just download this file and direct the installation software to it at the relevant time. I didn't try this but many others have and found it works just as effectively. The file is called alcandis.inf and can probably be found by searching on Google. The one I know works is version dated 11/12/2002 (the version number can be seen by opening alcandis.inf in a text editor and reading it) though other versions may well work.

It is not clear why this file is not included on the CD or why the Speed Touch web site and ISPs do not appear to be aware of this problem or the solution.

If you find the above helps you please let me know! Of course it may not help in all circumstances.

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