Trans-Siberian Railway Journey (1/5)


Below are some of my favourite photographs taken whilst on holiday in 1994 when I travelled from Moscow to Vladivostok on the Trans-Siberian Railway.




The journey started in Moscow where the first pictures were taken. This is a view from the hotel Cosmos where we stayed prior to embarking on our long railway journey. This is the entrance to the Park of Economic Achievements (BDHX). The most obvious features are the TV transmitter in the distance, the circular Metro station and the monument of the rocket taking off which we were told is made of titanium.






This is Red Square. I asked everyone to stand out of the way while I took this picture. On the left is the Kremlin with Lenin's tomb in front. On the far right the building which appears to have snow on the roof is the Museum of History.






The Kremlin is not one single large building but a wall around a collection of buildings. This picture shows the church within the Kremlin







Katherine The Great decided she would have the largest bell in Russia made for her. It was cast in a hole in the ground but (so the story goes) there was a fire and water was poured in and the sudden cooling caused the bell to break.

The bell now stands in the grounds of the Kremlin, this picture gives you some idea of its size.




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