A Week In Wales (2/7)


These pictures were taken when I spent a week in Pembrokeshire with Mark and my mother during September 2002.





After visiting the cheese factory we headed north to have a pub lunch and then on to Fishguard. Here we are at the site of Fishguard Fort.








This is Mark on the steps down to the lifeboat station at St. Justinian. Ramsey Island, our destination for the day, is in the background. In Welsh, Ramsey Island is Ynys Dewi, which means David's Island.









Ramsey Island is an RSPB nature reserve and after the warden had briefed us we started our walk. One of the first stops was Aber Mawr. The beach faces west towards the Bishops and Clerks islands.








This is a cove on the south-west of Ramsey Island where Grey Seals have their pups at this time of year.








This close up of the beach shows several of the Grey Seals, some of which are only one or two weeks old and are suckling from their mothers. After three weeks the pups no longer have loose flaps of skin and look plump like maggots.



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