Alaska (2/6)


These pictures were taken during our trip to Alaska by cruise ship from Seattle in July 2013.





Here I am in the gardens of the Seattle space needle.












Holding up the Space Needle.











We rode on Seattle's monorail, which ran from the space needle to our hotel.











The 1961-built space needle was busy, so we visited the 1914-built Smith Tower instead (mouseover to learn about its history).













The Smith Tower views were excellent: here is Seattle's port, mouseover to see the stadium.










The tower had this beautiful Chinese-style room at the top, mouseover to see the original lift mechanism.










Seattle was hit by a flood and mudslide in 1906, so ground floors were turned into basements. Tours of these basements now take place.







Here I am in Seattle getting used to water on the walkway beneath this attractive fountain the morning before we board Oosterdam.



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