A Long Weekend in Cornwall (2/8)


These pictures were taken during a long weekend break in Devon and Cornwall during March 2003. Little was planned and we stopped at a different B&B each night.





It was quite a walk from the station to the Bakelite Museum at Williton but we still arrived just before the official opening time. Outside were these two stylish Pods, miniature mobile caravans you can cook, eat and sleep in.







Inside the museum is a wide range of household items made from Bakelite and other plastics, mostly from the 1930s to the 1950s. These clocks containing a small model ship fascinated me, I think it said they were called mitascopes.








Mark warming himself in front of a Bakelite electric fire. Perhaps if you plugged it in.......








A book explaining how transport will have evolved by the year 2000. It was right in some ways - it's dome shaped and looks like it will cost us a lot of money.









In the cabinet behind me you can see a wide range of plastic items from when techniques had been developed to make them in bright colours. I thought the museum was well worth visiting.



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