A Week In France (3/8)


These pictures were taken when Mark and I drove around northern France during September 2008.





Cluis had its railway line until around 1952. This splendid viaduct remains as a footpath.










The viaduct is raised up high and gives fantastic views of the surrounding countryside. It is also used for bungee jumping.








Back in the village I couldn't resist having a go with this old village pump. It seems to have run dry though.









Cluis is famous for its association with snails and each year around May there is the 'Festival du Luma' (Luma is the local dialect word for snail). It also has a 12-13th century church dedicated to Saint Paxent who suffered a rather gruesome martyrdom as shown in this painting. Does anyone know why he met this fate?


Pilgrims and other walkers and cyclists still make their way to Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain via Cluis, which is on one of several such pilgrimage trails across France to the Spanish city.








We stayed with friends Melvyn and Pascal who run their Chambre d'Hote (traditional French 'Bed and Breakfast' with optional evening meal) at Cluis in the heart of the village. I last saw Melvyn 25 years ago during our university years and it was great to see him again. Here they are with their neighbour Lesley.



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