A Week In Central West Ireland (3/7)


These pictures come from our visit to the Irish Midlands and County Clare coast in April 2011.






The far tower was in less good condition. The weather stayed glorious for our six-mile walk, until we returned to the visitor centre when the 'soft Irish weather' set in.










Here we are after our walk, at the promontary above the Cliffs of Moher visitor centre. Some kind tourist reciprocated the favour we'd done earlier for the Russian couple. Our raincoats saw some rare action here.










We found a bed and breakfast at Doolin, not far away. I spotted this amazing fluffy white moth near the B&B door. There was no TV, wifi or coffee in the room, and our window looked onto an LPG canister. So we braved the rain and went to the pub for a fine meal and our holiday's first taste of live Irish music.









The changeable weather gave us a dilemna: carry on driving, or catch the ferry across to the isle of Inisheer, or Inish Oir. The latter brought the risk of a long day of wet walking. As you can see, the clouds lifted and we'd made the right choice. Here is our ferry on arrival at Inisheer, after the crossing from Doolin.









We eschewed the picturesque transport and walked instead out towards the lighthouse.










We passed this shipwreck on the way. In the foreground, you see the unusual rocky terrain that is found across the Burren, and which was alive with early spring flowers during our April visit.

What looks like crazy paving today is the result of the limestone rock, which is soluble. Rain and ice have formed cracks in the limestone, wearing it away.











Here we are on the approach to Inisheer lighthouse.








This gorgeous orchid is one of the many flowers you will find in spring on Inisheer.




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