The Lincolnshire Coast (1/8)

These pictures were taken whilst visiting the Lincolnshire coast during June 2004. Some pictures I've deliberately taken to match the angle of an early picture postcard.






When I was a child my family owned a caravan at Mablethorpe on the Lincolnshire coast. We therefore spent many of our school holidays there. We sold the caravan in the early 1990's so this time we stayed at the Victoria Chalet Park in chalet 25 because of its convenient location close to the beach.









Mark and I visited with my mother during June to coincide with her birthday. This is quite early in the holiday season (before the school summer holidays) and the floral decorations were still in preparation at the end of the high street near the pullover.








Just over the pullover are the donkeys for children to ride. There have been donkeys here to entertain the children for decades! (Place cursor on picture)







For the older children (like me) there are plenty of amusement arcades. There are lots of modern computerised machines but I prefer the selection of older ones, some of which I suspect my parents played on when they were children.









Here's another one I remember. For just 10p this entire band of clowns will play for you! (Place cursor on picture)



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