The Lincolnshire Coast (2/8)

These pictures were taken whilst visiting the Lincolnshire coast during June 2004. Some pictures I've deliberately taken to match the angle of an early picture postcard.






These were my favourite machines as a child. They are an early pinball machine built around 1933 to celebrate the World Fair in Chicago at that time. Mark had never seen them before but was willing to have a go!









The aim is to shoot the ten balls into the holes to complete corresponding sections of the jigsaw. A fully completed jigsaw (a picture of the World Fair in Chicago) wins a prize.








Didn't quite make it this time. The game is completely mechanical and was created by David Rockola who later went into the jukebox business.








I mentioned the pullover earlier. This is a local term used for where the high street ends and the road rises up and then down before reaching the beach as part of the sea defences. During the 1953 floods Mablethorpe was badly affected and afterwards substantial improvements were made to the sea walls along this section of the coast. Move the cursor over the picture to see how it used to look.







Here's a view looking down the high street from the pullover. (Place cursor on picture)



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