The Lincolnshire Coast (3/8)

These pictures were taken whilst visiting the Lincolnshire coast during June 2004. Some pictures I've deliberately taken to match the angle of an early picture postcard.






Here's Mark practising his driving as he attempts to keep the model car on the road.









We headed up the coast to the port at Grimsby. This was my first visit there and we soon saw factories with the names of famous frozen sea food companies








This is Mark in front of the marina at Grimsby with a very good imitation of the Campanile from St. Mark's Square, Venice, in the background.








Here is the 'Campanile' in closeup. Apparently the architect was inspired by the bell tower of the Central Plaza in Siena and it built as part of the hydraulics system with a large water tank at the top used to operate gates, cranes and sluices.












This large warehouse must have been impressive at its height of operation. Mark remembered this building from a previous visit.



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