Mammal Watching in Speyside (1/9)


Here are some of my photographs taken on a mammal and bird watching holiday in Scotland near Aviemore with Speyside Wildlife during August 2006.





We drove up to Scotland stopping overnight in North Yorkshire with Mark's friend Emma Jane. Here we are out for a walk with her dogs.

Place the mouse cursor on the picture to see the view of the steam railway we were watching in the valley below.







These woolly cattle looked cuddly but we didn't get too close. Place the mouse cursor on the picture to see a younger (and cuter) member of their family.








This spritely ram was also best not too close but lovely to see.








It was fairly obvious when we arrived at the border with Scotland. Can you guess what it says on the other side of the rock? (Mouse over to see).






Having reached Edinburgh we drove east along the north side of the Firth of Forth to Burntisland to visit the Museum of Communication. We'd seen two of the volunteers who work here at the NBTV (mechanical television) convention in Loughborough in April 2006 and they'd suggested we visit sometime. We were delighted to find both of them were there when we visited.



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