Mammal Watching in Speyside (2/9)


Here are some of my photographs taken on a mammal and bird watching holiday in Scotland near Aviemore with Speyside Wildlife during August 2006.





We were soon out and about as a group with our guides, binoculars at the ready. It was most enjoyable to see the heather covered hills again around Speyside after our previous birdwatching holiday there in 2002.








I experimented a little with taking digital camera photographs through a bird watching telescope with some success. This is a spotted flycatcher that was showing its usual behaviour - flying off to catch insects but always returning to the same perch.








This brown hare was very difficult to see among the heather.








On the Sunday evening we went to a hide and saw badgers, wood mice and deer. Sometime pine martens are seen but not on this occasion. Bright lights outside help ensure the animals cannot see the group inside. Although red deer are frequently seen from the hide the guide said this was the first time one had been seen so close to the window.






On the Monday we visited Spey Bay. There were several mosaics like this one depicting birds of local interest. Unfortunately once again this was the closest I came to seeing a crested tit. Maybe next time.



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