Northern Scotland and the Orkneys (1/7)


Here are some of my photographs taken during a visit to the North of Scotland and the Orkneys at the end of August 2000.





After a long drive up to Scotland we were able to enjoy beautiful views of heather and wide open spaces. The mound shown here is one of the two Grey Cairns of Camster near Lybster and are around 5000 years old.








This is the second Cairn which is more elongated and can be entered on foot.








Here I am inside the second Cairn. A bit damp but surprisingly well preserved (and so is the Cairn).








Mark at a board walk interchange. These protect the soft ground from erosion by walkers.






We then continued to the nuclear site at Dounreay where we went to the visitor centre and were taken on a coach trip around the site. In the centre you can clearly see the spherical building, the Dounreay fast breeder reactor (also referred to as The Dome of Discovery), which is now being decommisioned.



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