Northern Scotland and the Orkneys (3/7)


Here are some of my photographs taken during a visit to the North of Scotland and the Orkneys at the end of August 2000.





This is a view from the coach window on the way to Kirkwall, the main town of Orkney. Across the field a road can be seen linking to the adjacent island. In this area of water old ships were sunk during the second world war to make it more difficult for German U-boats to take this route from the North Sea to the Atlantic. These were known as The Churchill Barriers.







The thirteenth century cathedral at Kirkwall.












This is the view inside the cathedral. The rose coloured stone is very appealing in the sun light.










Here is Mark outside the Orkney Wireless Museum housed in this rather attractive stone building.






It turned out to have a wonderful collection of old radios and memorabilia including crystal sets and early magazines like Practical Wireless. A transistor radio section included various novelty radios including one in a tomato ketchup bottle and a wind up radio.



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