Russian Waterways Cruise (2/7)


These pictures were taken during our cruise along the waterways of Russia from Moscow to Saint Petersburg in July and August 1998.





A reminder from my previous visit to Moscow of the fascinating murals on the ceilings of the Metro stations.








This is the Cathedral of the Assumption inside The Kremlin. Nicholas II, Russia's last Tsar, was crowned here in 1896.










The impressive looking Tsar Cannon, also inside The Kremlin, is one of the largest cannons ever produced. It is ornately decorated and certainly never shot the cannon balls behind me which are too big to fit its 90cm bore!









Finally we had to say goodbye to Moscow as our cruise ship set sail on the seven day journey to Saint Petersburg. The waterways were enlarged significantly during the 1930's under Stalin to allow goods to be transported between these two major cities. This building built in very traditional Communist era style contains machinery to operate the lock gates at one of the many locks we passed through.






Here's Mark on the ship's deck a short while after passing through that lock.



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