A Week in Sardinia (1/7)


These pictures were taken while touring the north half of the island of Sardinia in November 2005.





This simple map shows our route clockwise around the northern half of Sardinia, a large island west of mainland Italy, starting at Alghero.










Our first significant outing was to Neptune's Grotto, on the coast close to Alghero. During the main holiday season boat trips are arranged to take visitors to the Grotto entrance, but out of season access is via these steps - don't look down it you don't like heights!








Mark walking down the stairs - still smiling because we're not yet walking back up again.











This is me close to the entrance of the Grotto.









Views of the stalagmites and stalactites inside the Grotto. It is difficult to take photos which do this justice, they are very beautiful. Mouse over the picture to see the second view



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