A Week in Sardinia (3/7)


These pictures were taken while touring the north half of the island of Sardinia in November 2005.





We found this mouth-watering cake and sweet shop in Tempio Pausania and couldn't resist taking a picture.









Here we are standing on the beach with Tavolara island in the background, once an independent kingdom, now home to a US submarine base and wildlife reserve.








A dramatic mountain view taken by sunset as we drove south along the east coast from Tavolara. We stopped to see if a farm B&B (agriturismo) was open but it wasn't.







This attempt to get accommodation for the night just north of Posada was even more frustrating as we followed a sign up this steep mountain drive only to find no one was at home. But we did get this magnificent view of the bay and the sunset.








We did find somewhere to stay and the next morning ventured back into Posada where we walked around the hill village, with its extensive view onto the plain, and this garden with orange trees and olives.


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