Trans-Siberian Railway Journey (3/5)


Below are some of my favourite photographs taken whilst on holiday in 1994 when I travelled from Moscow to Vladivostok on the Trans-Siberian Railway.




On the way we stopped at several large and small railway stations. This is Perm railway station.








This monument is positioned near the train track. The picture is not very clear because I was in the train travelling at about seventy miles an hour! It is positioned on the boundary between Europe and Asia and these are the two words (in Cyrillic) near the top.






A rather uncommon sight in Britain today - a wheel tapper. He hits each wheel with a rod and listens to the sound. Wheels which are starting to crack make a different sound.







The wheel tapper was at Novosibirsk railway station. This is a rather grand station as you can see from the picture.




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